Bobbi Nikles: Fiddle, Vocals
San Francisco based fiddler Bobbi Nikles is an acclaimed force in the Bay Area music scene. With projects ranging from creating the successful music camp Fiddlekids, to performing in a wide array of bands: Irish, Old-time, contradance and Jazz combos, her presence abounds.  Her luscious fiddling and driving rhythm add fuel to every project she's with: Wake the Dead, Melanie O'Reilly Aishling, Black Brothers Band and many more. She has been a contributor to Strings magazine with articles on bowing technique and instrument evaluation. A sought after teacher at camps, workshops and in her private studio, Bobbi's creative and nurturing style naturally incorporates her depth of knowledge and her experience as a teacher for over 30 years.
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Chris White: Clarinet, Vocals
Chris is our reed and vocals wizard. His swinging style is immediately recognizable, and your ears will hurt from pleasure when he wails away on his clarinet. Your foot stomping will soon match his foot stomping, within the first 2 bars of his wild solos. His versatility spans all musical horizons from Bluegrass to Tango, and he will even throw in a bit of harmonica if asked politely.

Dave Fischer: Bass
Dave is our upstanding up-tempo upbeat uptown upright player. He keeps us on track with his moist rhythm and dry sense of humor; yup, moist rhythm, go figure. Dave's bass career pretty much touches on all the music genres you can think of, and a bunch you wouldn't dare thinking of, at least while in polite company.

David Silberberg: Guitar, Vocals
What, another Dave, you may ask? Yes but not any Dave: this Dave is the ultimate Nuages player, towering a few feet above the rest of the band. His amazing rhythm guitar and all too rare guitar solos lay the perfect foundation for this unruly band. And his singing, oh his singing, you just can't get enough of it. And we can't either.

Past Members:

Olivier Zyngier:
Guitar, Vocals
Olivier is a veteran of the Bay Area acoustic music scene, from bluegrass and swing to musette, klezmer, latin and other obscure styles you'd only find in the bargain bin of any bad record store. He has played Musique Americaine in France, and French Music in the US (remember the Baguette Quartette?). Such a commitment to artistic confusion is an essential component of the band's sound. He's the only one who can pronounce the titles of some of the tunes we play, which may be the best reason why we keep him around.
He is also the founder of the Bistro Moustache French Café band, and he can sometimes be spotted playing bass with
Redwing Bluegrass Band and Swing Tonic.
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